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All change…

9 October 2020 Stuart Nimmo Our ethos

New opportunities and time stops for no one. Three years have passed since we launched in Huddersfield, and the world has significantly changed and shifted more than anyone could have predicted at that time. Even before Covid-19 shifted the world and changed how we all worked, it was becoming apparent that the “HOW” we work was taking a new direction.

So back in March as the UK was entering lockdown, we decided to move on from our Huddersfield base.

Since Covid-19 we have been operating by appointment only on-site, especially for our IT service customers. Our print customer base is very diversely spread across the United Kingdom, so the need for a “frontage” is now less important. We have achieved more by operating by appointment, as we can align technicians to customers, provide flexibility to service our print customers off-site, so the needs for a retail frontage has now diminished.

As the print arm of the business has developed, we’ve seen the need for more room to accommodate the print, fulfil and mailing, without stopping the other elements of the print production. It was becoming very apparent we were ready for change.

So from well before March, we were actively reviewing and looking at opportunities. As the months went by, we did have a few concerns, but as everything eventually pans out. We had an invitation to look at a property in Halifax, this provided new potential and opportunities, which we had only on the aspirational list over the essential criteria.

So we’ve found our new home at Shaw Lodge Mill in Halifax. Providing significant floor space, which allows for when we flex for the larger projects. It also provides the capacity to warehouse/store the items for customers who want progressive despatch of their print direct to their customers.

The world has changed, equally taking the opportunity to change is essential to everyone, as nothing certainly stands still. The next few weeks will certainly be interesting as we change. We are ensuring that all our regular monthly work is scheduled and timed so that we can manage the migration smoothly between Huddersfield and Halifax. Please do keep your projects coming, we have plans in place and redundancy to accommodate requests during the next few weeks. We are aiming to be live in Halifax from the beginning of November.

All we can say is thank you to the numerous individuals who have helped and supported us. It means a lot to us. We are seeing some significant opportunities opening up, thanks to the connections we have connecting us further, which is generating some interesting new projects.

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