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Not standing still

2020 has been the year that no-one would have expected. Change happens, however, progress is to be made, standing still just wasn’t an option.

One of the significant projects for the first half of the year was the renewal, refresh of the website. It has been ground up re-working, meeting our defined needs, with a simplified structure, which brings the key knowledge into a sensible overview. The HAD-Print site is the first to be released across the HAD Group, the phrase which has been rattling around is “You don’t eat an elephant all in one go” due to the size of the project.

The focus is very much on services we offer oppose to products. Yes, we produce products, but they are very much a part of a bigger picture. From the onset of defining HAD-Print and the changes back at the tail end of 2017, it was about offering a rounded portfolio of services to meet the needs of SME businesses. The site features our key work areas and our ethos behind what we do. 

We’ve inserted the usual blog, which we are semi-prolific with our content (as you’re already here!). For certain products, we offer the opportunity to directly book a 1-1 to discuss your needs. You will find more Case Studies populating in time, where we talk about the projects which make a difference. We do ask for feedback on what we do, and these form reviews which help us improve and celebrate what we do well.

Some might say that creating our partner page was brave. However, we don’t see ourselves as specialists in all fields, we like to recognise those with similar values to ours, in working style, ethos and experiences. We know we can work with, trust and above all integrate these skilled professionals into our work for you.

Unlike a print project, we know that websites do evolve, we know we aren’t perfect constructive comments are always welcomed when validated with right facts. So the odd typo or grammar error we kind of expect. Different thinking, we’re open to listening.

Above all, thank you to all those, who have provided food for thought, helping us to create what we hope is a straight forward way to understanding us more. 

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