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Product review… Result Workguard Technical Shorts

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Product review… Result Workguard Technical Shorts

We’ve said this before, we do evaluate the garments and apparel we specify. Result Workguard we’ve tested and tried various products over the years, in fact over 5-6 years! We’ve bantered with tradesmen who are blatant brand snobs, for their Dickies and Snickers kit. We’ve tried some of this too, and we will say Result Workguard matches up well to the performance, even outperforming some of these brands – in our opinion.

Stuart unpacks some of the features and findings…

So I’ve had a pair of technical shorts and trousers to match for a substantial period. They’ve survived the rigours of everyday studio work, signage installation on-site for clients and many other grovelling-around type jobs, up through tight spaces, managing and refurbishing our new site, prior to moving in and much more.

Pockets are tool ready, yes I leave retractable knives, squeegees and much more in my pockets. Combined with the right belt they don’t drift like some trousers and shorts. Trousers have good knee pad capability. The phone pocket, is well placed and is secure. Above all, tough and durable.

So at the price point, they’re not pitched at the point of your top brands, clearly, at the performance level, they’re well placed and do last well, I would recon that they equally compete on sheer pound for feature and longevity. As part of a worked / managed collection for a trades business, coupled with the right t-shirts, polos and hoodies, they form a good proposal.

We’ve yet to fully test the jackets in the range, however on initial scoping – the jackets will prove an interesting proposition for a future review. The trousers and shorts have passed with us, however, we’re always open to debate. At the price point, we seriously do specify and recommend these are workwear. (However if popping in to see them, ask beforehand, as they haven’t yet made it in to the show room!)

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