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Thinking about others…

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Thinking about others…

It’s at the heart of building effective relationships, if the last few years have taught us anything, compassion, consideration and understanding go a long way. However, everyone’s benchmark of expectations vary differently. Inherently these are formed as parts of people’s value sets, which if you understand generational theory are established in the pre-teenage years.

Recently in a drive to grow the business, building connections has been at the heart of many actions around establishing the right meaningful relationships. It’s very apparent some people form bonds, through shared common experiences or backgrounds. This really has come to light in the fact that we’ve seen business come from connections we made 3-4 years ago, and time wasn’t right at that moment, circumstances change, and we’ve developed and click, things start to happen. Talking of business networking, we’re very aware of individuals who seem to be there for the “me, me me” scenario and miss the purpose of building relationships, and short term wins are their only objectives.

Networking happens everywhere and at every opportunity. Fortunately, we don’t just get ourselves out there in b2b environments. A recent event for West Yorkshire Scouts, allowed us to meet, build and form relationships with a whole raft of different people. Common bonds and understanding is something that drives understanding and respect. Sharing ideas and concepts to make life easier is often what builds that special connection with others.

Being ordinary is just enough, and if you’re like us, you’re far from ordinary. We’re pretty passionate about what we do, and geared up to make a difference when people need it. If we can help, we do. A couple of instances in the last fortnight where at short notice people have needed jobs quick, and we’ve gone yes. Thankfully a few customers have flexed to allow us to achieve this, but we like a bit of communication with everyone as it makes it easier. We’re hoping that these new relationships will blossom, into more meaningful long term partnerships. In both cases, the physical meeting and seeing made a huge amount of difference.

Building relationships is around the elements of team building to an extent. The “form, storm, norm and perform” are critical to levelling the understanding between people. The recent process of doing accounts paperwork for on-boarding as a supplier etc, cause a little hiccup when payment terms needed to be agreed, as our approach is very along the lines of the small business commissioners approach of fast to our suppliers, however, it does mean we need or like fast payment to us, to maintain cash flow and operational stuff. It’s worth looking at Being a champion to small businesses is appreciated by us, which shows all of the keywords I mentioned at the head of this blog.

Perhaps I am lucky that my background has always been geared up to thinking about others. Whether as a graphic designer, understanding your audience and how something is going to be used is at the heart of making the brief work. Yes, my scouting experiences do make big difference, compassion and empathy is something which is developed skill. I have realised perhaps my own abilities are somewhat limited, through recent experiences, which have tried and tested me. We do all need to show latitude and understanding in these times, unprecedented, previously unknown experiences are testing us all, so compassion, consideration and understanding. Above all be open, say if you are struggling, say if you are stretched, be open about things, we’re not here to take advantage, good people will support you.

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