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Easy to say but takes some planning and progression.

Some people say I am very demanding and my benchmark is high, or aspirational, but standing still and not aiming high does not get you anywhere. Even though we’ve reached a level that is now more comfortable than where we were 18 months ago, I am still keeping my eye on the ball, and looking to reach further.

One part of HAD-Print which has needed stretching is our bindery/print finishing capability. 2-3 years ago, we were most definitely at a point of hard graft over, working smarter. The last period has seen significant changes. The addition of a professional OPP laminator has added more scope to our final presentation of our jobs and projects. 

One of the biggest changes has been the addition of a Duplo DC-445 creaser and inline F1 folder. To some, it might be a statement of really? Yes, the productivity gains have been exponentially significant. We’ve had creasing and folding machines previously, however, the inline nature of one action after another is a significant milestone jump. The fact we move seamlessly from one specification to another within minutes, from the heaviest cards through to lightweight leaflets. I know from when I started in the trade in the early 1990s this level of inline automation and handling the level of variances stocks would never have been dreamed of in this level of equipment.

Whilst this is a tangible investment, I will say a smart investment, as our capacity and ease of throughput, now meets some of our more demanding customers. Yes, we have found coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, fewer people have planned their actions, thus we are working more reactionary than ever before. 

I know we have only just touched the surface of the potential we can achieve with this bit of equipment, as fold combinations and ultimately 7 months in, we are still on the learning curve. We’ve discovered ways and means of finishing materials from sizes we never thought we do before, like A4 6-page brochures, even stretching up to 8-page brochures (however this is out of specification for the machine!)

Interestingly this piece of equipment has allowed us to springboard the rest of our print finishing capability. This is essential to us preparing the covers for our recently added Duplo DB290 Perfect binder.

The level of pride of what we now deliver is so much higher, I look back from where I started in the trade, and what we achieve here at HAD-Print is impressive for a print business of our position. The variety of products is more than the B1 Litho house I worked in 20 years ago, and significantly more than at the start of my career. As I write this, we are implementing and learning the quirks and best options around our entry-level digital die-cutting table. Again the accessibility of what we can do, which was the preserve of larger print houses now is easily accessible.

I don’t knock the humble beginnings. I remember one print broker being highly dismissive of us at the beginning of 2017, however I know I’m not chasing him for work, as I believe in working with people who are on equally interesting journeys of progression. Our offering has evolved, progressed and is now able to deliver exceptional results.

What’s your journey? Are you ready to engage your customers with some different? Why not start a conversation with us, and let us help you add something tactile to your customer’s engagement with you?

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