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Nothing ever stands still, the gentle rhythm keeps moving forward. We have a responsibility to progress to bring the right benefits to what we offer you. Change a big part of any business or organisation, we’ve helped enough to introduce new concepts or products. 

In the period when most people are winding down for Christmas, we were in the final throws of installing our new HP Latex large format printer. 

After a substantial period of research, debate and planning, we made a change ourselves, upgrading our large format printer. Many key items were behind the change

  • Greater material opportunities, compatibility of contemporary materials and our previous (ageing) Latex printer was getting more challenging. Our new machine provides greater support for a wider range of materials.
  • Environmental, modern devices have a better ecological footprint, using less power and less impact on the items they produce.
  • Improved production performance
  • Improved manufacturer product support.

This results in a broader product offering from us for you to utilise. Point of sale display, whether Pull-up banners, the great X-Banners, complete display systems or even wall art installations. We have great aspirations to move forward with new products into 2020. Initial product tests are proving interesting; the potential we have now in front of us is more substantial in the scope of materials and solutions we can offer.

However, you chose to get your message out there in 2020, being big and bold can , be one of the methods.

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