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HAD-Print is all about service and support. With decades of experience and specialist partners, who are like ourselves, experienced and skilled in unique disciplines. We bring together a package approach for small and medium-sized businesses to promote themselves in the best possible light.

So after 12-18 months where you’ve had enough of the Zoom meeting, done endless Teams 1-1’s you’re now longing for something different. Yes! The physical engagement. One of the top experiences or highlights for any business is being seen at the right trade show or event.

Here are our top 10 tips to ensure your presence and stand is a success:

Be clear with your objectives

Before you even book a stand be sure of your business goals, ensure the event has the right profile to tick the boxes on the audience’s demographics.  Are you launching a product, promoting your products or services or seeking new business?  Make sure your targets are SMART with your targets and event budget.

The early bird catches the worm

As the phrase goes, “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Booking early will allow you to get the best location and take advantage of early-bird rates. This will also allow plenty of time for the design, production, delivery and installation of your stand and promotional material.

Brand consistency

Exhibiting will require your brand to be reproduced consistently across all.  We can help you achieve this, with specialist print designers and our associate exhibition stand designer, getting consistency is easy with us. We work with your brand guidelines with brand colours, typography, logo positioning and imagery to maximize the results.

Shout about it and spread the word

An exhibition/event is a great opportunity to get seen and build new business. Consider promoting the event on your company’s website, email signatures, newsletters and social media. It’s a great opportunity to send invitations to prospective customers via post – building this into a VIP package for when they attend your stand.

Stand design

Be seen for the with eye-catching media walls/graphics, lightboxes, a bespoke exhibition displays are all great ways to entice visitors to your stand.  Arrange a meeting with our associate exhibition designer to discuss your ideas and develop your concept.

** Top tip **
Even on the smallest of spaces, adding height can help you be seen more. Most exhibition halls do have height and stand schemes that are 2.5m high. Chat with us for some canny ideas on how to achieve some height, on a sensible budget.

Marketing collateral

Make sure you have plenty of marketing materials to give to visitors.  As well as brochures, leaflets and business cards try some fun promotional items.  Items that have an onward life tend to achieve more brand presence moving forward. So items like re-usable shoppers a good start, as they are environmentally friendly and get more use than just the exhibition. 

Choose your team

Choose who you want to represent your business and brand wisely, after all, “People like people like themselves”.  Apparel can also be a great way of putting people at ease, both your staff and potential customers. Branded t-shirts are a good way of making your team easily identifiable to visitors.

Make it fun

Exhibitions are interactive events, so try and make it fun! Dull and boring doesn’t cut it.  Competitions and challenges with prizes can be great ways of enticing visitors to your stand, starting conversations and collecting data.

During the event

Encourage your team to appear friendly and approachable.  Set up a rota to ensure your stand is always manned and don’t forget to collect contact details for that important follow up.

Follow up and connect further

Make sure your team follows up all leads as soon as possible after the event.  Automated omnichannel marketing campaigns can ensure all leads are promptly contacted across a variety of media, such as email, text message and direct mail thank you cards and opportunities to set up valuable 1-1 refresher opportunities.

HAD-Print produces on-site in Halifax, West Yorkshire all of the above to support you with your physical items for exhibitions and events. We have a specialist Exhibition Stand Designer in Wayne Clarke at Clarke Concepts who can further develop the design of your built exhibition stand. Coupled with our partner installer we can support you from start to completion on your exhibition/event journey.

Evolution, not revolution!

Nothing ever stands still, the gentle rhythm keeps moving forward. We have a responsibility to progress to bring the right benefits to what we offer you. Change a big part of any business or organisation, we’ve helped enough to introduce new concepts or products. 

In the period when most people are winding down for Christmas, we were in the final throws of installing our new HP Latex large format printer. 

After a substantial period of research, debate and planning, we made a change ourselves, upgrading our large format printer. Many key items were behind the change

  • Greater material opportunities, compatibility of contemporary materials and our previous (ageing) Latex printer was getting more challenging. Our new machine provides greater support for a wider range of materials.
  • Environmental, modern devices have a better ecological footprint, using less power and less impact on the items they produce.
  • Improved production performance
  • Improved manufacturer product support.

This results in a broader product offering from us for you to utilise. Point of sale display, whether Pull-up banners, the great X-Banners, complete display systems or even wall art installations. We have great aspirations to move forward with new products into 2020. Initial product tests are proving interesting; the potential we have now in front of us is more substantial in the scope of materials and solutions we can offer.

However, you chose to get your message out there in 2020, being big and bold can , be one of the methods.

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